PopMatters Debuts “Train Song” Music Video

“For Sweat, the move to Joshua Tree facilitated the enhancing of her already well-established artistic profile. As tunes like the lovely ‘Train Song’ evince, Lady Lazarus’ shift from comparatively lo-fi sounds to more potent balladry, due in part to trading out electronic keyboards for a baby grand piano and the addition of strings, French horn, and flute, has proven a boon to her songwriting process.”

Read more about the video premiere at PopMatters. Watch below.

Yahoo Music Premieres Cinematic “Anna” Music Video, Filmed in the Mojave Desert

Click to view the premiere at Yahoo, or watch below.

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Lady Lazarus shares her thoughts about the “Anna” music video:

“I created the storyline, treatment, and much of the shot list for ‘Anna,’ and was inspired mainly by the films of Alejandro Jodorowsky, among other filmmakers I enjoy (Maya Deren, Wim Wenders, David Lynch). The concept of metagenealogy, otherwise known as psychogenealogy, is important for Jodorowsky; it’s an idea that I’ve recently become familiar with, though have realized I’ve been working through this concept in my music and now more consciously in this music video. The basic idea teaches that you can heal from the deep psychological wounds of your family tree and history. Jodorowsky has said about his work, ‘This is not a film. This is the healing of my soul.’ (NYT) I feel similarly about my music and this visual work.

The video symbolically deals with my grandmother’s traumatic death in a plane crash when my father was six years old (my grandmother was Anna Mae, for whom the song is named, and is the woman in the gold-framed photograph). I’ve considered my grandmother someone who watches over me in life and have often wondered how this event has influenced my family history and my father’s upbringing. My grandfather’s old leather chair is also featured in the video, which was kept in his apartment above our family tire store for many years (still smelling of tires and cigarettes). I aimed to acknowledge and honor my ancestors in the video and show that I can heal and triumph from the wounds of our family tree. It’s almost a kind of ritual.”

Miracles Album Out Now! Receives Praise from New York Times, Consequence of Sound, Magnet, and more

Lady Lazarus’ new album Miracles was officially released March 3 on Queen’s Ransom Records, receiving wonderful accolades and praise. Stream it now on The New York Times’ Press Play, and purchase the album at the links below:

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“For her third album, Melissa Ann Sweat, a.k.a. Lady Lazarus, was inspired by her journey in overcoming depression and addiction, and moving in a positive direction.” -The New York Times

“Melissa Sweat delivers the best album of her career so far.” -Consequence of Sound

“8/10″ -Magnet Magazine

“…an emotional and spiritual reawakening…” “86%” -AltSounds