Cancelling Fall Tour Dates & What’s Next

I just got back from Austin and had a wonderful time there for the show. Thank you so much to everyone who came out!

I’m sad to announce however that I’m cancelling the remaining dates of the fall tour. my deepest apologies to the fans who were looking forward to the dates this time around. I wish I could make it happen, but I need to focus my time, energy, and strength on what’s next.

and what’s next is pretty exciting… I’ve been working on new songs and will have much more to share with you soon. xo

Do Not Go Gentle

…for anyone suffering, stay strong. -M.A.S.

When I gave you my heart
You tore it apart.
Living this way is a bloodbath.

I took my own path
through the woods
I stumbled on
My abundant love.

I carried on.
I don’t wanna die…