Lady Lazarus is the solo project of Melissa Ann Sweat, a singer-songwriter, artist, and creative writer from San Jose, Calif. living in Joshua Tree.



Labels: Queen’s Ransom (2015), LebensStrasse (2014, All My Love In Half Light)


“…languid and surreal…” - NPR

“As Lady Lazarus, California dreamer Melissa Ann Sweat crafts intimate miniatures, mostly for solo voice and piano, then slowly drowns them in oceans of reverb… It’s impossible to decide whether the music is constantly changing or totally still, a strangely placid kind of tension that never fails to draw me in.- Pitchfork

“Sweat introduces her aptitude for creating singular songs, soaring beyond what her previous work foreshadowed.” - Consequence of Sound


“In choosing the moniker Lady Lazarus for her musical output, Melissa Ann Sweat has ensured that her recorded work be set apart from the mundane.”

- Interview


“As Lady Lazarus, Melissa Sweat joins a line of female artists including Joan Didion, Cat Power, Sylvia Plath, Fiona Apple and Joni Mitchell, for whom the act of creation is less a hobby and more a lifeline of confession and catharsis. On her recently released sophomore album, All My Love in Half Light, Sweat presents a suite of experimental surrealist pop, both minimal and deep, as haunting as it is enchanting.”

- LA Weekly


“Hear Lady Lazarus’ beautiful, ‘Wonder, Inc.’, a lovely and chilling cut off Melissa Ann Sweat’s All My Love In Half Light.”SPIN

“In her hauntingly primitive music, bloodless conflicts were waged: between the liquid weightlessness of dream-pop and the earthy tactility of folk, the cloudy drift of Erik Satie and the lightning pulses of Philip Glass. ‘Lapsarian’ the lead track from Lady Lazarus’… All My Love In Half Light, resolves those conflicts in dramatic fashion.

- Pitchfork


…this time she sounds clearer, grander, and more in control of herself and the world she’s creating. 

- Beats Per Minute


“Her debut album Mantic was released in 2011 to a flurry of critical acclaim…” – Paste Magazine

“The minimalistic song structures here and classic instrumentation, together with Sweat’s voice, are what make such imagery palpable. An elegiac quality pervades the work, steeped in the melancholy of a ghost adrift on the marshes of Wuthering Heights…” - PopMatters


Mantic thrives on the sense of being alone with the last voice in the world. Lots of people use music to try and escape their living rooms, but Lady Lazarus seems more interested in inviting us into hers.”

- Pitchfork

“Her work’s hushed and homemade, ambitious, affecting, and oddly polished in its specificity.” – Stereogum

“Like listening to the upcoming James Blake record, Mantic shows the magic that space can create. And Lady Lazarus, whose name likely comes from a Sylvia Plath poem, knows how to use lack of sound to accentuate the actual sounds.” - Beats Per Minute


Fans of shadowy dream-pop will be pleased to discover San Jose’s Lady Lazarus… Her voice is lovely, and nothing is over- or undersold. …she wrings emotional volumes from that endlessly cycling scale. …It makes this moment of uncanny stillness a shelter you want to stay inside. It’s really slight, and more than ample.”

- Pitchfork